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          所以建议每年的£2000奖励将是由  医药潜力的学生,  学生打算遵循某种工程课程的在医疗学校或大学。该 奖项将每年更新 对于学生的第一学位课程的持续时间;更新是依赖于每年的考试或评估成功的结果。

          Applicants are invited to apply during their final year of study by requesting application forms from Mr Fleming (they will also be available on the 学校’s website).  Completed forms are to be returned to Mr Fleming by 31 March of the year of application.  They will then be forwarded to the awarding panel for consideration and a short list will be drawn up.  Candidates on this short list will then be invited to an interview with the awarding panel, which will take place in the offices of Berry & Lambert in Tunbridge Wells (formerly Berry & Berry).  Successful candidates will be notified within one week of the interview.  Though the intention is to make a total of three such awards annually, the awarding panel reserve the right to increase this number by one or 二 should there be a particularly strong list of applicants in any 一 year.  The initial award and subsequent renewal will be entirely at the discretion of the Trustees of the Goldsmith Foundation.


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